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powerful ideasinto operational realities.

We leverage the ingenuity of Airmen at RAF Lakenheath to create unique opportunities to collaborate with top problem solvers in industry, academia, and the government.

Who We Are

A team of volunteer based professionals seeking to further the local community and our great Air Force by cultivating, curating and accelerating change at RAF Lakenheath.


Cultivate innovative Airmen’s problems and ideas and enable them to perform tactical experiments by connecting them with operators, acquisition officers, senior leaders, and commercial innovators.


Curate ideas into ‘internal startups’ that experiment on the operational level by adding funding, building teams, and demonstrating with stakeholders on a part-time or temporary basis.


Accelerate the most promising ‘internal startups’ to become permanently sustained within the Air and Space Force by allowing the teams to work full time to implement, operationalize and transition their vision.

Liberty Lab

Come check-out the new lab specifically designed for you.

Additive Manufacturing

Implementing advances in 3D-Printing, Robotics, and Data Analysis; Liberty Spark positions the Air Force at the cutting edge of technology solving day-to-day pain points in everyday work by enhancing capability.

AR & VR Solutions

Liberty Spark leverages advances in AR/VR technology to find innovative ways to meet Warfighter's training, marketing, and operational needs.

Web & App Development

We have personnel with the knowledge to build in-house web development, SharePoint communication sites, and phone application solutions, or leverage industry partnerships to meet the needs of our Warfighter's communication needs.

Bootcamps & Training

Liberty Spark enhances the knowledge of each Airman, providing the capability to overcome challenges as they arise on the frontline. Learn a skill set that can be used in the Squadron to foster an innovative culture.

Business Intelligence

We help to develop machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into business workflows allowing you to automate redundant tasks.

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